The Bomb In My Garden

10/5/2004 by Clark Venable

I just started reading 'The Bomb In My Garden' (Amazon), written by the Iraqi scientist who was formerly the director of Saddam's nuclear centrifuge program. The back cover contains strong recommendations from both James Fallows and David Kay, both of whom are knowledgeable and trustworthy, in my view. Allow me to quote from the preface:

""There was no active nuclear program before the invasion of Iraq. However, Saddam certainly had the capabilities and, it must be presumed, the intention to restart it some day when the world was no longer watching him so closely. As long as tyrants like Saddam are willing to intimidate frightened scientists into doing their bidding, the threat of covert nuclear programs will continue. I hope that my story can help the public understand how such dangerous programs are developed so that they can be stopped wherever possible.""

Even if it takes a bunker-busting nuclear weapon, in my view...