Simple steps nearly eliminate catheter-related blood infections

Posted by Clark Venable on 12/3/2004

Eliminating catheter-related bloodstream infections in the intensive care unit :

""Intervention: To eliminate CR-BSIs, a quality improvement team implemented five interventions: educating the staff; creating a catheter insertion cart; asking providers daily whether catheters could be removed; implementing a checklist to ensure adherence to evidence-based guidelines for preventing CR-BSIs; and empowering nurses to stop the catheter insertion procedure if a violation of the guidelines was observed.""

Well, that last point right there explains the whole effect. In my experience, whenever I place a line in an ICU the nurse disappears. Poof. Gone. "Empowering nurses to stop the...procedure" is just a fancy way of saying "forcing them to stay in the room in case you need anything so you don't contaminate yourself by accident."

[Via Science Blog - Science News Stories]

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