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Excellent resource on screening for von Willebrand Disease--posted on  4/19/2008

ASA: Details on Malignant Hyperthermia--posted on  3/29/2008

Anesthesiology: Adverse Respiratory Events in Children Who Are Obese.--posted on  3/7/2008

Aetna doing the right thing (at least temporarily)--posted on  2/27/2008

JAMA: Effectiveness and Efficiency of Root Cause Analysis in Medicine--posted on  2/12/2008

Aetna, Colonoscopy, and Money--posted on  2/11/2008

iPods and Pacemakers--posted on  2/3/2008

Good summary on BIS--posted on  2/2/2008

My MacBook Air shipped!--posted on  1/30/2008

George Carlin, 'A Place For Your Stuff', and the MacBook Air--posted on  1/20/2008

OpenID for Non-SuperUsers--posted on  1/19/2008

MacBook Air--posted on  1/15/2008

16,707 SPAM E-mails In One Month--posted on  1/10/2008

My Predictions for Apple's New Laptop--3G Wireless--posted on  1/1/2008

/3GCard.gif--posted on  1/1/2008

Clark Venable, M.D.--posted on  12/31/2007

Pay For Performance: Physicians Pay For Insurers Better Financial Performance?--posted on  12/28/2007

NIH-Funded Research to Be Free (After One Year)--posted on  12/27/2007

Medscape CME: An Introduction to the Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP)--posted on  12/27/2007

Medscape CME: Systemic Lidocaine Good--posted on  12/27/2007

Health Care Reform Distilled--posted on  12/18/2007

Patients pay only 14% of health care costs? Wow.--posted on  12/16/2007

Saving 2660 Megabytes On Your New MacBook--posted on  12/15/2007

NYT: Google Gets Ready to Rumble With Microsoft--posted on  12/15/2007

Pennsylvania's Ed Rendell Playing Games With Mcare Abatement--posted on  12/15/2007

Schneier: How to protect your laptop and portable disks--posted on  12/15/2007

On 'Waking'--posted on  12/5/2007

Anesthesiology: Predictors of Postoperative Acute Renal Failure--posted on  12/1/2007

Catalogs Clogging Your Mailbox?--posted on  11/24/2007

Find Big Files in OS X--posted on  11/16/2007

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