Harvest of Organs Was 'Homicide'

Posted by Clark Venable on 10/6/2004

The Australian: Harvest of organs was 'homicide':

""A US coroner issued a homicide finding yesterday after determining that two hospitals allowed vital organs to be removed from a man before they had proven he was brain dead.

William Rardin's cause of death was "removal of his internal organs by an organ recovery team", ruled coroner Mark Young in Montrose County, Colorado.

He said he did not believe the case should be a criminal matter, but suggested it "should lead to a clarification of what the accepted standard is".

Mr Young said the two hospitals did not follow "accepted medical standards" or meet state guidelines in determining that Rardin, 31, was brain dead after he shot himself last month.""

What were the tests done at the hospital to determine brain death? Splashy headline, but we need more facts to really know what went on.

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