Are Lawsuits Affecting Mammography Access in Florida?

Posted by Clark Venable on 12/26/2004

Common Good points to the following article: Report: Lawsuits Limit Cancer Tests

" "In Florida, a governor-appointed task force reports that lawsuits are "discouraging radiologists from offering mammograms." Radiologists have good reason to be afraid. As many as 17 percent of tumors are "missed during at least one exam." And in 2002, a study of 25 insurance companies conducted by the Physicians Insurers Association of America found that "radiologists accounted for 33 percent of all claims and the most common allegation against radiologists was 'mammogram misread.'" Six seats are available in breast-imaging fellowship programs across the state of Florida, but none are filled. In fact, "a recent survey of 211 radiology residents showed that 63 percent of students wouldn't accept a fellowship in breast imaging." "Why would they jeopardize their lives and their careers if it's not absolutely necessary?" said Dr. Ada Patricia Romilly, a member of the Florida task force." "

I found the home page for the Workgroup on Mammogram Accessibility [thanks to Google] but see no final results. Those that are there indicate available data is inconclusive or invalid. So where does that leave us, exactly?

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