Device To Improve Venipuncture Accuracy

Posted by Clark Venable on 10/9/2004

Vein contrast enhancer improves chances you'll get stuck only once:

" "Herbert Zeman has invented a device he calls the vein contrast enhancer (VCE) that is aimed at reducing failed attempts at hitting the vein the first time during blood tests, injections, and IV drip insertions. The device uses infrared LEDs to point out areas of high blood concentration, which, if the patient is in fact human, are veins. The LEDs illuminate the skin at a wavelength of 740 nanometers which is highly-absorbed by blood and dispered by fat and other tissue. The result is an image that represents the location of veins. This image is then projected back onto the skin using a “hot mirror” that ensures accuracy within 0.06mm.""

vein contrast enhancer

[Via Engadget]

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