Medviews Weblog on Vaccine Controversies

Posted by Clark Venable on 3/12/2005

In a post titled Natural Danger Stuart Henochowicz takes on the issue of misinformation about vaccines that seems to be accumulating in the lay press.

" I have come across a truly appalling article on the supposed dangers of vaccines by a Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who writes for Mothering Magazine. Under the guise of being nature's protector, this Osteopath writes some hideously inflammatory, misleading, and dangerous stuff. "

My wife has seen a number of families that have decided to withhold vaccinations from their children over mercury and other health concerns. As health professionals, we need to take this bull(shit) by the horns and make sure people know the facts. As Stuart points out, although herd immunity may give them a free pass, society will pay the price if the proportion of such unvaccinated individuals becomes too great.

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