JCAHO Sentinel Event Alert: Intraoperative Awareness

Posted by Clark Venable on 10/10/2004

Sentinel Event Alert, Issue 32 - October 6, 2004: Preventing, and managing the impact of, anesthesia awareness

" "Anesthesia awareness is under-recognized and under-treated in health care organizations. The Joint Commission recommends that health care organizations which perform procedures under general anesthesia do the following to help prevent and manage anesthesia awareness:

1) Develop and implement an anesthesia awareness policy that addresses the following:
  • Education of clinical staff about anesthesia awareness and how to manage patients who have experienced awareness.
  • Identification of patients at proportionately higher risk for an awareness experience, and discussion with such patients, before surgery, of the potential for anesthesia awareness.
  • The effective application of available anesthesia monitoring techniques, including the timely maintenance of anesthesia equipment.
  • Appropriate post-operative follow-up of all patients who have undergone general anesthesia, including children.
  • The identification, management and, if appropriate, referral of patients who have experienced awareness.

2) Assure access to necessary counseling or other support for patients who are experiencing post-traumatic stress syndrome or other mental distress."


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