Reminder: Afghanistan is free now

Posted by Clark Venable on 10/12/2004

Jeff Harrell reminds us that Afghanistan is free now!:

""[Afghanistan's free elections] is the kind of story that America is going to forget about quickly. There are no lurid pictures, there's no ongoing scandal … there's no angle at all, really. A bunch of people got together and elected their president. The fact that it's for the first time ever and that it couldn't have happened if not for the sacrifice of the men and women, both American and Afghan, who participated in Operation Enduring Freedom is just a footnote.

I don't think that's right. I think liberating — not "liberating" as a euphemism, but literally liberating, literally making free — a country of 20 million people is the sort of thing that we need to keep talking about for a while. I think it's something we need to remind ourselves of periodically, lest we forget about it.""

[Via The Shape of Days]

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