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Posted by Clark Venable on 4/11/2006

Seth Dillingham and I have created two modules for the Google personalized home page : Allowable Blood Loss and BMI Calculator. Despite having been submitted a week ago they are still not included in their directory, but I thought it safe to post about them here....

bmi.png BMI calculates the Body Mass Index using the US or metric system. Furthermore, it can be used to convert from one system to the other.

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abl.png The Allowable Blood Loss Calculator gives a fairly good estimate of how much blood a patient would have to lose to cause a drop in hematrocrit to a specified amount assuming euvolemia is maintained.

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    I wonder if it would annoy or amuse my friend Clark (that's Doctor Clark to you) to find out that my favorite character — for over a year now — is Doctor House. :-) Speaking of Clark... he got me to work on some Google modules for him. Modules are ...
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