Ten Rules of Regional Anesthesia

Posted by Clark Venable on 11/14/2006

From :

1. Anatomy. (anatomy, & anatomy)
2. Position. (position, & position)
3. Time is beverage.
4. Sedation is your best friend.(but also a willing accomplice: if it hurts too much you are probably not doing it right).
5. When in doubt: whip it out.
6. A 1:200,000 solution of epinephrine contains 5-mcg/ ml of epinephrine.
7. The patient is always right.
8. Life is hard enough already: empty your bladder & adjust the lights.
9. Know when 'it's time to numb the big ganglion'.
10. No one cares if you enjoy your job as much as you care.


11. "J, don't fill up on bread." (not really a rule of regional anesthesia, but something important I learned from my parents.)

Funny and true!

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