Muslim First, Doctors Second

Posted by Clark Venable on 7/3/2007

The news that several Muslim physicians were allegedly involved in the UK and Scotland bombing plots did not surprise me as much as it did some others. It made me think back to a conversation I had with a Muslim anesthesiology resident shortly after September 11th.

This resident physician was from Iraq, was a doctor in Saddam's army , surrendered to Canadian troops during Gulf War I and was granted political asylum in Canada. He was very well trained and was a wonderful resident to work with--good work ethic, felt responsible to his patient, a pleasure to teach, a natural in many respects. I'd like to think we became friends during those years. In fact, he gave my an anesthetic for my own appendectomy.

We'd had several conversations about Islam previously and I asked him what he would do if Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani instructed all Shia Muslims to kill Americans? Without even a pause he answered 'I would do it.' Muslim first, doctor second.

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