Saving 2660 Megabytes On Your New MacBook

Posted by Clark Venable on 12/15/2007

A friend asked me to set up a new Macbook he bought for his wife. With recent Apple laptop sales being what they are, I bet many people will be doing the same thing, so I thought I'd pass along one thing I've learned: always erase the hard disk and re-install OS X.

As loaded by Apple, a new MacBook running Leopard has a hard drive that contains 18.4 gigabytes of software. That 18.4 GB includes language translations and fonts you will probably never actually need. Reinstalling OS X and not installing language translations saves 1.9 GB. Skipping foreign language fonts saves another 141 MB. Not installing X11 saves more, so that skipping all these things saves 2.6 GB (or 2660 MB) of disk space.

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